Sonos Direct play, or lyrics

  • 30 April 2022
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Any updates on direct play to Sonos?
Would like to see lyrics while on Sonos app, but can’t


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6 replies

Have found recent thread now, but yeah, can’t get half the features via Sonos app. 

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Hey there @Goldfishinabag

Thanks for your interest. 

Unfortunately, I can not give you an ETA, but this is something we are working on at the moment. 

Not sure about Lyrics on Sonos, but surely the remote control from the deezer app. 

Does the remote feature on the deezer app connect to sonos? (not the little bluetooth one, the real system people have in their house)

Every time I see how great the app is when I’m in the car it reminds me how bad the sonos app is that I am forced to use in the house. 

I may just go to another music provider. 

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Hello @Goldfishinabag, no Deezer Connect does not work with Sonos. 

We are working with Sonos directly to improve the experience in their app, but it is not on our Roadmap to develop a Connect feature directly from the Deezer app.

This is soooo disappointing. 

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This is soooo disappointing.