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  • 2 April 2024
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Hi guys. So, on the previous version of Deezer, I know I could easily shuffle all my playlists in total. On this new version, I haven’t been able to find that option. Thoughts?


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5 replies

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Hey @hubbacake 

I was just able to test in the web version: I didn't find a cross-playlist shuffle. You could start a playlist and add more playlists to the queue. Then click on the shuffle symbol. Your songs from the playlists added to the queue are now mixed. The currently playing song remains first.

Maybe it will help you.

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hmmm.. Ya, you can do that, but, if you are like me and have a bunch of playlists, you won’t come close to being able to fit all of them on the one, new list you create. In the previous version of Deezer, you had the option to simply shuffle all of your playlists. It was a no-brainer option. Wonder why it was removed?

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It appears on iOS when I select Favourites I can shuffle all playlists when I select the shuffle icon beside the word Favourites, before I actually go in to my Favourite tracks playlist. If that makes sense. Just tried it and it seems to work fine. I am on the latest update of Deezer.


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Ah! You may have solved it! I assumed, since it was next to “favorites”, it shuffled only “favorites..” but it appears to shuffle all playlists. Nice!

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Note to self: Not all features are available everywhere. The shuffle you described across all playlists is not available in the web version. 😫