Over 15% battery drain with the app not being used

  • 26 February 2024
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Since last update (February 2024), my Deezer app is draining a lot of battery, over 15% of my Samsung S24, it used to be less than 4% (while in use), in this case not in use.

Please check what it is happening.

3 replies

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Hi @Jorge.Flores, sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue.

I've already forwarded your concern to our technical team. Once I receive more information, I will promptly update you.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Any update? After listening to a podcast via one bluetooth headphone for 6 hours without touching my phone… deezer has used 46% of my battery. I now have to fully charge my phone every day after work because of deezer. 

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Hi @wreckitrocco, thank you for sharing the details and the screenshot.

Have you tried downloading the music you want to listen to and see if the battery consumption is the same?

Another tip I suggest is going to Settings > Apps > Select Deezer > Select Battery option and try the "Optimize" and "Restrict" options (note that these changes might compromise the performance of the Deezer app).