Load full library when navigating to albums

I have a library with ~1000 albums. Whilst I can filter them, I also like to just take a ‘wheel of fortune’ approach and just scroll down. But that is impossible with the ‘infinite scroll’ approach used on Desktop (it works on mobile). The solution now is to scroll down, load everything and scroll up. A desktop app should not have to rely on infinite scroll. As you know the number of albums, and every album consumes the same height, it should be possible to calculate the height of the page. I think this would also solve some of the issues I saw not storing the scroll position when hitting back.

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Intersting idea @murb

I found a similar idea already in our forum: 


Is this what you mean? 

If that’s the case, then it is better not to spread out the votes, and merge your idea to this one, 

I can do that for you, just let me know :) 


I’m sorry. This is more about optimising the scrolling experience with the current view. When you scroll down on a ‘fresh’ album overview page, you have to wait for a bit and only then you’re able to continue scrolling.