inaccurate emails being received

Sort it out Deezer! This isn't the first time I'm receiving completely inaccurate info about my account to my email:

In today's message:

"It's been a month now"  "Your first month with Deezer" ... no it hasn't/isn't, I've had a premium account for around a year!

"So it looks like you've only had 2 streams last month. We're not angry, just a little disappointed."... I use deezer on my phone daily and on my fitbit around 5 times a week.

Not a massive issue just a bit of a time waster and not particularly encouraging on the integrity of your data and code!



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Hey @Carlos Autonomous 

Just a thought:
Have you checked whether the email from deezer really went to the email address linked to your deezer account?
It is not uncommon for users to accidentally create a new/additional account.

The first thing I always do if an email feels off is to check the addresses, mostly to check it's not a fishing attempt. Its definitely to and from the correct addresses. 


Having said that you may have helped identify part of the issue, the fact I'm being identified as a new user could be due to changing my account email address a month or 2 ago. Why it thinks I've only listed twice this month remains a mystery though. 



@Carlos Autonomous 

Like I said, it was just a thought. If you have checked the e-mail address, this can be ruled out directly as the cause.
Unfortunately, I cannot say whether these strange emails have something to do with your change of email address. But that would be quite possible, even if I hadn't heard/read it from anyone else.
You could have that checked by support. You probably still have the emails, so you could send screenshots to deezer.
You can reach support via the following link: