i cant cast deezer to the cambridge cxn v2..

  • 12 February 2022
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i cant cast deezer to the cambridge cxn v2,spotify works but deezer doesnt!


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11 replies

I have exactly the same issue which started around a week ago. Tidal Connect is fine.  Deezer simply won't Connect...the CXN shows chromecast is active but the music won't cast and eventually plays on the phone app. Tried everything, clearing cache, reinstalled Deezer, etc.

Thats exactly my problem,i think i stop my deezer account.Tidal works fine

Likewise. Deezer stopped connecting about a week ago and nothing seems to recover it.  The CXNv2 keeps trying to connect but never does.


Deezer will still cast to google assistants and chromecast no probs, and plays on phone and tablet fine. Spotify and Amazon cast ok to CXNv2.

Tried re- installs, remove sims, factory resets etc. 

Deezer just won’t cast to CNXv2.  started here (Australia) two days ago after app update.

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Hello everyone, we have received a lot of requests about this and I have notified the tech teams! 

I will keep you posted! 

Hope this is solved soon! I'm in my 3 months Deezer trial period, but if it's not fixed soon, I'll go back to Tidal. Bummer, really like Deezer.  

Good news everyone. I have been in touch with Cambridge who have been very responsive. They have a fix ready to go in a next firmware release. No timescale given and I’m sure they’ll need to go through a full test cycle but shouldn’t be long I hope.

Check the latest replies in this topic Cambridge Audio. If you reach out to Cambridge they can put your Cambridge unit in a test group and push the test firmware update to your player. Cambridge is waiting for Google to clear the firmware so it can be released. It fixed the casting problem for me.

Still got issues after latest firmware update: 3.1+0.5+36  (01-04-22)

Running Service pack: v22-a-123+a

Just won’t connect to CXNv2 after re-installs, factory resets, hole shabang.

Hasn’t worked for about 6 weeks. There has also been two android app updates.

I really don’t want to ditch Deezer ?


Thanks to Dave F

“ If you have the Cambridge StreamMagic app  you can select early update in the settings. It will then start downloading the update which is Service pack v22-a-124+a. And the casting will work again. “

I am on Service pack v22-a-124+a and not working for me. 

Tidal Works, Spotify works. No Roon for Deezer, and now this. Sigh.