I cannot transition between mobile and desktop because the destination is stuck on previous listening session

I have noticed several times now that I cannot switch from playing on one device to another because the destination device does not have the current session information. So if I was listening to a podcast in the previous session, decide to play a music playlist on my phone in the current session. If I want to switch to desktop and continue listening to the playlist, the desktop app shows the podcast I was listening to before instead of the playlist I am currently listening to.

And with podcasts, sometimes I listen to a long podcast on my phone, end the session and come back later and want to continue listening on desktop, but when I hit play, the podcast starts from the beginning.

On Spotify I can pause playback on one device and immediately resume on another device. I can press play on the target device and it will pause on the previous device.  Why can’t I do the same on Deezer?

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Hello @SiliconRaven can you make sure your devices are synchronised by following the steps in this article? 


Let me know if it still does not work!

@Yula , I forgot to add it in the post, but I have already turned that option on. The sync delayed when switching between platforms/devices.

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Hey @SiliconRaven so the sync is just delayed or it does not happen at all? 

If I play a song on my mobile app and then I open it on web I can see the song I am playing on the mobile straight away on the player...

Hey @Yula it does not work for me instantly. I sometimes have to leave it for several hours for it to remember what I was listening to. Like I was listening to a track mix about 2 hours ago and paused. I got on my computer now and want to continue the mix, but I can’t because it is stuck on a podcast I listened to yesterday morning. I listened to the podcast on yesterday morning, and yesterday evening played a rock playlist, this morning played some french music, and this evening some latin music .All this was on mobile. Today on desktop it is stuck on the podcast from yesterday. If I play a podcast on mobile and open the desktop app a few hours or days later, it will show up there, even though I moved on to something else on mobile.

I have done some testing, and it seems starting a new playlist/podcast on desktop syncs to mobile instantly. But when I play something on mobile, it doesn’t switch. If I start a playlist/podcast on desktop it sends it to mobile, then switch to mobile and play something else, it does not send to desktop. Going back to desktop and continuing what was playing there, does not sync with mobile. Play something different on desktop, and it sends it to mobile again.