How many playlists can we queue at a time?

  • 20 November 2023
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Has this changed?

I used to queue several of my (own) playlists, one after the other. Then shuffle them. 
Now it seems I can only queue two playlists at a time, and no more. That’s bad!

Does anyone have an insight into this?

On Android (and probably web app too).


2 replies

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Hello @Captain_Eric1  I checked in beta version and in normal version and I could in both cases add more than two playlist.

If you still have this issue, can you please share video of the step by step you do, so we can try to replicate same issues.

Also please share model, brand and OS of the your device, plus the Deezer version installed.

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Thanks. Yeah. After I double checked, I found it works as before, just as you say.