How can I get Deezer to play a whole symphony?

  • 19 November 2022
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If I try to play a symphony (e.g. the Herbert von Karajan recording of Beethoven’s 7th), Deezer plays one movement, then moves on to a piano sonata or a different symphony.  How can I get get Deezer to play a whole symphony without having to make a playlsit for each symphony?


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It depends how you start the first movement, e.g. if you do a search and then click on a found track, Deezer will automatically create a mix with “similar” tracks after the first track which they think is a feature and not a bug. 😉

So you would have to look for a complete album with this recording, e.g. with the search term “karajan beethoven 7” and then open the tab with all albums in the search results or scroll down to the album overview. Probably there will be more than one album with it, as Karajan has recorded a lot of Beethoven performances with several orchestras for different labels during his career. Here is the overview for the albums found with the suggested search term:

Karajan Beethoven 7th Symphony

Note that on-demand play of albums only works with a Premium account if you have a mobile device. On a desktop computer it might still work with a free account depending on your country.

Last but not least you can also save one or more of the found albums to your favorites, so you don’t have to search for it again.

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Thank you for your help @bluezzbastardzz!  🤗