Hello I am Henri.

  • 26 August 2022
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I have many ideas that I find interesting for the music application Deezer. 

I want please that there is an own Like and own playlist endless - radio mix for literally every music, genre that is in the ‘’Like playlist and own playlist without Likes’’ for free and Premium users.


The endless radio mix must be literally infinite random that means that a best song of all time can play if you touch the endless radio mix button for free users and premium users but for premium users there is something special, they must listen and see never literally repetition never ever also if the song has another background and same artist for Deezer Premium users. 


And for free Deezer users for example after the 999 millijard double l (not miljard) number with 6003 zeros, then a random different song, just 1 song only can literally be repeated, the song must be a song that has not repeated the first time, just another one, also if it has another background but the same song and artist.


Please Deezer do that for me and for other peoples?

With Friendly Regards


6 replies

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Hi Henri, I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but there already is an option called “Launch track mix” in desktop and mobile apps which creates an endless mix of similar tracks to the one from where you started:


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You can find it in the 3-dot dropdown menu for any track, e.g. this screenshot was taken in my favorite tracks.

I’m having problems I have been I’m sure I’ve over paid on my account many times I really like using Deezer but I don’t like the subscription thing something is wrong 

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Hi @mel ti ti an,  I'm sorry that your subscription is not active, but a communication error occurred with your payment.
Please contact our support here and send them a screenshot of the Apple invoice: it must show your email, date of payment, and the amount.

I ended my subscription. 

But you still debit my account. 

This has been happening since August 2023.

Even today you debited me. 



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Hi @Brian Cele, if you don’t agree with this, there are 2 things you can do:

  • Go to your settings on the app or the website;
  • Then go to your Manage my subscription;
  • Check there if there is an active subscription, if so, you can cancel it there.

If you are unable to do this or it isn’t possible to do it yourself, please contact Deezer support by sending in a request: