Back/Forward keyboard shortcuts in desktop apps

  • 16 December 2019
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The desktop clients have “Go Back” and “Go Forward” functions in the View menu. Why not assign the standard browser back/forward keyboard shortcuts to these functions

  • Windows: Alt + left, Alt + right
  • macOS: Cmd + left, Cmd + right

Especially while the back/forward buttons remain broken, this would be a great help, but also just a good standard feature.

4 replies

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Hi there @teqteq 

Really cool suggestion, though. I've passed it on to the Desktop App Team. Thank you very much for your input!

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These shortcuts only work in Windows 10 when the app has window focus (the window is in the foreground, not minimized and you’ve recently clicked on it so it’s “primary”). When the desktop app is minimized or the window is not primary, then the shortcuts do not work. If this is something you are not able to make work maybe grey out the shortcuts when they are not available.

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