API Search - Add field for release date

  • 9 May 2022
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I’ve noticed that a lot of the API searches produce irrelevant matches, especially when it comes to looking for a self-titled album.

Here’s an example:

http://api.deezer.com/search/album?q=artist:“Kool and the Gang” album:“Kool and the Gang” should return http://deezer.com/us/album/8449361, but for some reason it returns the greatest hits album, http://deezer.com/us/album/70763392

If there was a date field (e.g. q=date:”1969”), this would be easily overcome. 

1 reply

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Hello there @Curtis Westman 

We are working on improving the search, it’s one of our main focus at the moment. 

I have passed your feedback on!