Ability to Shuffle Playlist

  • 6 May 2022
  • 1 reply

Hello all - I was wondering if there is a way to permanently reorganise/shuffle my “favourite tracks”.


Reason for asking this because *even* though I have right now 459 favourite tracks I constantly hear the same same tracks - drives me nuts.  Even though I have shuffle on I am not convinced it really is shuffling the tracks and always seems to start with the same tracks (in the order I think I added them in the first place).


What would be good is to have a button that is called “hard Shuffle” which physically performs a one-off reshuffle of the tracks so that when shuffle is not on, for example a different set of tracks are played.


This is an irritant because there is only so many times I keep hearing one of my first favourite tracks (blinding lights) which now I am beginning to dislike this song because Deezer keeps playing it even though I have shuffle on - I’m convinced the shuffle is not working.


This irritant will be one reason for me to leave the platform it is so annoying.




1 reply

So at the moment I can see I joined about a year ago and looking at the Deezer console i can see that indeed Blinding Lights was my very first track I liked!  Would be good to hard shuffle this so that I press a button and behind the scenes the numering of the tracks changes so that it *does not* keep defaulting to the very first track you either liked or added to the playlist!

I’m sure more people must have this issues - drives me nuts!  At point of taking blinding lights off my “favourites”