Wrong artist name ("Gabro & Libre")

  • 18 April 2020
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There is a wrong artist name:

Incorrect: Gabro & Libre

Correct: Gabro & Libe



Best answer by Noam Asulin 19 April 2020, 09:35


You can use the link below to report on this:

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7 replies

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You can use the link below to report on this:

Hello, I tried starting my own thread but it doesn’t appear. The following artist (me) is wrong too:


Should be Cale, i.e. no accent on the e! The reporting link above doesn’t work. 

Check my other streaming platforms, they’ve got it right, so it’s not my distributor’s fault either (Ditto Music). Please correct this because I want to promote my music on Deezer, but I don’t want to be confused with the wrong artist! (see here)

The following songs of mine are wrong too:

Song 1

Song 2

Hope the mods can take a look. Thanks xx

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Hey @Andy_Beck_Cale 

No problem, we can certainly sort that out for you!

I've passed the details on. Hang in there a few days :v_tone2:

Thanks Rudi! Keep me updated :)

Hey Rudi - do you have an update for me here? The error’s still the same. Don’t want to sound negative, but I just can’t believe Deezer is taking this long to fix this. Any help you can provide would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You're right! @Andy_Beck_Cale it's taking a while, I've asked for an update on my request. Just so you know, it goes on a list of fixes, then the teams go through that list every day. So it should be done very very soon!

Thank you for your patience :relaxed:

Alright, that’s cool. I’ll keep an eye out for any changes!