Missing hard rock and heavy metal albums

  • 9 January 2023
  • 2 replies

Hi, when did you think i could find this albums on Deezer's catalougue (see attached file)? Thanks


2 replies

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Hello there @Matteo Stefani 


Not sure of your location (as that can affect the catalog), but I’m in the US, and the Accept album was available on a quick search.



I’m not willing to search your entire list, but this might be a regional issue.

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In case of the Motörhead album “Bastards” there is a strange misspelling in the artist name causing it to not be found on the usual artist profile:


These kind of errors usually happen when different OS versions are used when adding releases to catalogues (Apple vs. Windows, not using  the correct Unicode version etc.), so it may have been caused by the distributor.

I found it by only typing the first few characters of the artist name into the Deezer search input and checking the automatically listed albums then.