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  • 21 September 2022
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Hi There,

My first release was listed under the wrong Artist Profile here on Deezer

The URL to the product : 
The INCORRECT artist profile : 
Song UPC : 5056495155218
Correct artist profile : Brand new one needs to be created
Affected artist name : Kat

This is all the information you should need to solve the issue. Thanks.


9 replies

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Hey @Katmusicuk the problem has been fixed.
You can find your new profile here:


I have 8 releases that are grouped with other artists named Spee. This was my first time distributing (Distrokid) so I don't have my own artist profile yet on Deezer. Also, the artist name Spee did not pop up when searched in Deezer for creators. 

Album 1 URL & UPC:



Album 2URL:



Album 3 URL:



Album 4 URL:



Album 5 URL:



Album 6 URL:



Album 7 URL:



Album 8 URL:



Incorrect artist page:


Correct artist name: Spee

Let me know if there’s anything more you need to resolve this issue. Thanks

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Hello @Spee

Here is your new artist page:

You can request access to it here:

Hi I have the same problem, I released my first EP and Deezer put it on the wrong profile, I need to create totally new one and put my album there. How do I accomplish that?

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Hey @Lauriii please send me the deezer link of your album! I will take care of it :) 


I am having the same issue

This is my album, but it was released under someone that is not me:

I need a unique artist page under the name “COMPAKT” 

Thank you

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Hello @Logan Logan

here is your new artist page:

Thank you, though it appears my album still shows up under the other artist’s name. Will this fix itself automatically? 

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yes @Logan Logan, just give it some time and it will update!