Artists with same name have music missed up

  • 13 November 2022
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I listen to a few small artists that have other artist's music mixed in with there's because they have the name. Can I report them to be separated?


The artists are:






I can highlight the songs that should be for the correct artists too.




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4 replies

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Hi . 

You can report them in the link below : 


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Thanks @Noam Asulin

Yes please, @jdlloydlewis  

When you report can you please send us the links of the artist pages and the links of the albums to move? 

Thanks a lot, just open them on app or browser and click on “Share”. 


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I'm Shadan, the artist. One of my single tracks "Moseme Gol (feat. Mahan Farzad)" has been mistakenly placed on the wrong artist page on Deezer which is my namesake. Please move it to my own artist page.

This is my own artist page:

This is the wrong artist page which is my namesake:

And this is the link to the song:

Thanks in advance.


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Hey @Shadan Naseh

I have moved the release for you!