Our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  • 16 June 2020
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Our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct
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Our communities were built to bring all music lovers together :guardsman_tone2::older_man_tone4::person_with_pouting_face::construction_worker_tone1::prince_tone5::bride_with_veil_tone1::woman_tone3::person_with_blond_hair_tone2::princess: . The mission is to provide you with the best service experience possible, by listening to your feedback, suggestions, ideas and passion for music. So that we all have the opportunity to speak up and be heard, the community has to follow a few rules and practices.


The use of our community :pencil2:

  • Before you create a post/topic, have a look to see if the subject has already come up
  • Avoid double-posting
  • Always behave in a friendly and respectful manner, in line with our Code of Conduct mentioned below
  • Don’t just post anywhere, try to post in the relevant forum as best as you can. This makes things easier for everyone to find information
  • Be mindful about the information you post - remember that what you post will be available to everyone in the community, as this is a public space
  • With your own personal security in mind, please do not post personal information such as your own name, address, social security/NI number, email address, credit/debit card details or personal information of other individuals
  • Do not use any Deezer branded material such as our logo or name as your avatar or username or otherwise attempt to impersonate a Deezer employee or moderator when posting on the community

Reporting inappropriate content :smiling_imp:

Please help us ensure the Deezer community is a friendly environment by reporting any inappropriate activity or posts you come across. Reporting inappropriate content can be done by using the flag option at the bottom of each topic.


Community Code of Conduct :warning:

We ask that all members of the Deezer community behave in a civil manner and treat other members with respect and courtesy at all times.

Our community managers and moderators have full discretion to address any behaviour they feel is inappropriate and can remove any content that they feel is unacceptable. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Threatening posts/behaviour
  • Behaviour likely to offend
  • Spam
  • Swearing
  • Personal details/images (phone numbers, addresses, payment information etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Scams
  • Graphic content

We may update these guidelines at any point, so check back to familiarize yourself with them every so often.

Community Terms & Conditions :pencil:

 Our terms and conditions for the Deezer Community are available here.

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