Song titles not showing on Garmin anymore

  • 29 March 2024
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I'm not longer able to see the song titles (but I can still pause and turn up/down the volume) on my Garmin watch. The only recent change has been a system update on my Samsung phone but other apps work fine, ie, I can see the song titles playing on my phone when I use YouTube or another music app. I've tried uninstalling, clearing the cache, restarting. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.



7 replies

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Hi, could you please share a screenshot of the watch while playing Deezer in order to investigate?
Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience


Watch still controls pausing, playing, volume up/down and skip but no artist/song data.


Same. Although, the only change I made recently was switching to the beta version of garmin connect. I tried switching back once but it didn't make a difference - although I didn’t try the whole regimen of un-/re-installing, rebooting, etc. Youtube titles are not affected - only deezer as far as I know. I have a Samsung device and a Garmin vivoactive 4. 

Same issue on Garmin Venu 2. Song name not shown, but play pause forward backward works. Volume works fine.


Try resetting your Garmin watch to its factory settings. If the issue persists, contact Garmin support for further assistance.

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I have reported this issue and our devs are aware and investigating.
As soon as we have an update we will let you know.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Same issue here on Garmin Venu. I really hope this can be fixed. 

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Hi @p0g0n4, thank you for reaching out.

Following our report of this issue, we've received information from Garmin indicating that they are actively working on a fix. However, we do not yet have an estimated timeline for when the solution will be available.

Rest assured, as soon as we have any updates regarding this matter, I'll make sure to keep you informed.

Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.