Higher data usage when quality set to "Basic" than "Standard" or "HQ"

  • 30 March 2023
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I recently tried reducing my mobile data usage by changing mobile data quality from “HQ” to “Basic”.

But surprisingly my data usage actually increased (to about 500MB per hour) instead!


I decided to research (*) this issue by starting “Flow” and skipping to the next song 4 times under different mobile data quality settings and measuring mobile data usage after each song skip.

These are my findings:

Basic: 27.5MB per song on average (38, 26, 21, 25)

Standard: 5MB per song on average (8, 3, 2, 7)

HQ: 12MB per song on average (15, 8, 17, 8)

High Fidelity: 54.7MB per song on average (57, 61, 36, 65)


It seems like “Basic” is actually “HQ”, “HQ” is actually “Standard” and “Standard” is actually “Basic”.

And it seems to be a re-occurring issue because 3 other threads were created about similar issues before (but all 3 got closed without resolution so I created a new one instead)


*) I re-installed the Deezer app and cleared the song cache before performing my test. After each quality change I pressed “audio output” to confirm the change was visible under “Audio settings” which it was. I used Android’s “Mobile data usage” to track the Deezer app’s data usage rounded to 1MB. I am on Android version 9 with Deezer version


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Hello @Gilles vd Horst

yes you are right, this is a problem we are aware of and we are looking into it! 

Please use Standard over Basic for the time being, basically if the track is not available in our catalogue in Basic quality it defaults to Hifi!


When is this issue going to be solved, and how will we know when the solution is rolled out?


My cell service provider just charged me an extra 30$ this month due to incompetence from the deezer team.


I listen to music on “basic” on my drive to work, and just noticed somehow deezer consumed 5.6gb of data. I only use it for about 10-15 minutes each day, i have changed no settings on my end for the last year or so and suddenly my data usage skyrocketed due to this bug.