frequent audio hiccups and glitches while streaming

  • 17 September 2023
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Since a few months I have been enduring more and more audio hiccups while streaming non downloaded tracks on my phone.

Sometimes, even multiple times per song.

It's not on every song. It can also be on popular songs which I heard before and should be in my cache.

I am listening high-end audio and prefer lossless. I have tried switching quality a few times and the problem persists. 

I first thought it could be a few glitches while downloading server content while buffering content (http fail maybe?) which can be internet related but it is getting worse lately.

My output device is Bluetooth ( ears or car ) but I think the type of hiccups is not Bluetooth related as I seem to experience them also without Bluetooth.

A listening session of 1 hour had at least 10 glitches yesterday (Saturday evening).

They completely mess up the song and vibes.


I have a OnePlus 10t with android 13 fully updated.

Provider: 4g/5g Proximus/Belgium with nearly unlimited data. Mostly connected on 4g or my own WiFi.

I am not in a rural environment with bad reception. 

You may also seem to lack the possibility to easily report glitches on (!) downloaded tracks ! That should not occur, no? 


Is there any way I can help to detect / test or solve this problem? Beta version? Collect log files?

It is very hard to keep track of it manually when this occurs.

Thanks for letting me know what to do. I hope this gets resolved soon because i love you guys more than Spotify.






1 reply

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Not that this will help you, but when I go for walks and listen to my Deezer playlists via bluetooth I as well get the occasional stutter, or glitch, which I attribute to bluetooth. This does not happen when I listen at home via Airplay which as well will give a noticeably better audio experience than bluetooth. As well never happened when I listened with my iPhone or Bluesound Node tethered via wire where as well the audio was far superior to a bluetooth connection.