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  • 21 September 2023
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Hello Community


 My question is as follows :


We have a Family Account for Deezer.


How many members of our family can listen to Deezer simultaneously?


We have made 3 extra (family-) members next to the main account but when someone of my family is listening in our house to Deezer.


And I am on my phone also listening theDeezer gives an error.


The message states that I cannot listen at once on multiple devices.


But we have a Family account – so whats the point?


Please can you help?


Best regards,




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Hi @Jasper Schoon !

Up to 6 Family members can use Deezer family plan .


Note: Deezer Family users should check that all family members are using the correct profile to listen to music. If two people are listening to music on the same profile, it will result in an error message informing you that your account is being listened to on another device


"Why do I get error messages that someone else is listening on another device?"

Ensure all listeners access the correct Profile to prevent listening error messages from occurring while music is being played on another device or page.


Here is helpful link 

Deezer Family