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  • 18 March 2023
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I keep getting the message "error: failed to play " when I try to play a track for a few days now. This happened in the past and is happening again. 

None of the troubleshooting are working (clear cache, remove sd card, reboot, reinstall).

I am using version, android 12

Any new tricks?

3 replies

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Hello @aptric, is this happening with a song in particular? 
If yes can you send the link please? 

Could you please increase the space of your smart cache?

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It is happening with all the songs.

I just discovered that deezer was taking an infinite space on my sd card again.  It looks like it is still downloading in hifi even though settings are set to standard.

I cancelled all my downloads and it works. This means I can't have playlists or the problem will occur again. Unless this download issue gets sorted...

Seriously rethinking if I want to keep deezer now.

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Hey @aptric, downloads take a lot of space even in standard quality. 

Can you try downloading less music and on the app and not the sd card? 

Maybe that will help!