Error: Failed to play

  • 12 March 2023
  • 4 replies

I started getting an error from description before last update. Hoped that the last update would fix that. And yet, it hasn't. Any idea on how to solve that is appreciated. Thanx!

4 replies

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You didn’t mention on which platform you have this issue but assuming you are on mobile , you can go to settings --data and storage and under “smart cache” increasing the cache the device is using while playing . That should increase the buffer 

Hi Noam!

I thought I mentioned platform during creating the question. Anyway, it's Android 11. And thank you for suggestion. I've increased the cache size. It would be great If that helped.

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Hey, can you reinstall the app? 
And make sure that your connection is good, 

if you could update your android version, that would help as well… 

Hey guys!

Here is a solution. As Noam suggested it's about Data and storage settings. And yet, it's not necessary about increasing the value. It's about matching configured and available memory size. My phone had less free storage than it was allocated for cache. I decreased the value of cache in settings and did not get any error message since that moment.