How can I disable recommendations based on country (local suggestions)?

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Hello, I live outside of my home country and don't enjoy at all locals taste for music / local music / trends and the local music charts. Is there a way to configure Deezer to show / suggest and play only music of my taste, music inside the style already flagged by me?
I was listening a very immersive album and usually Deezer keeps on with the same style after the last track, but not this time (and some others). Some local terrible music started playing and completely ruined all that experience.
I had already tried to use foreign proxies / VPNs but my account seems to be glued to my geographical location, maybe coz my credit card billing address. Can this be fixed / changed? I'm almost giving up with Deezer and trying some alternatives. I already pay for Pandora that works fine but doesn't let me listen to an entire album like Deezer does.
I really appreciate your help.

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The greatest selling point of apps like Deezer is to be able to discover new music based on your previous listening history. The recommendation algorithm is supposed to work based on your "taste", not your "location".

It's annoying to have your Flow affected by your location. Just because I'm using the app in a country I'm currently working in, it doesn't mean I'm interested in their hits, charts and songs. I might not even speak the given language, some of your users are traveling expats.

Please give users a way to circumvent this issue with an option like:

1- Ability to disable location based suggestions
2- Ability to change user "location" in preferences manually. (like Youtube)
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It would be great if users could choose whether they want to see recommendations based on the country they live in or not. I am an expat in the middle east and my deezer homepage is filled with middle eastern music which I have no interest in. It is a nice addition, but considering the number of expats here, I am sure I am not the only one who would like the OPTION to change my recommendations based on what is popular globally as opposed to regionally.
Flow now plays music from the country I live in. It didn't before, don't know what happened. I really can't stand it, horrible & stupid lyrics. Anyway, I would really like to exclude them from Flow, as it just turned useless for me.

A feature which excludes music from selected countries would be awesome.

Thank you!
i don’t want that too. Should be personalized on my preferences
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Absolutely! They shouldn't tie your registration country to the region from which you'd like to receive music recommendations (and the music catalogue as well). Bugs me too every time.
Please give users an option to disable location based suggestions, it is really annoying I get suggestions based on country where I am using the app, what if I dont like any of the songs? I don't like any of the songs but you keep suggesting them, why?Please give us an option.
Hi there.

Is there a way to disable Deezer automatically curating music based on my location. For example, in South Africa, we have a wide cultural divide. It is pretty irritating to see a whole bunch of music which is completely unsuited to the taste of someone who identifies more with mainstream, international music trends, as opposed to locally produced music, which is meant for a completely different audience.


I understand your frustration with Deezer's music suggestions not aligning with your taste and being impacted by your geographical location. While I can't provide real-time support or fix the issue directly, I can offer some suggestions that might help improve your music experience on Deezer:

  1. Create Custom Playlists: Consider creating your own playlists based on your preferred music style and add tracks that you enjoy. This way, you can listen to music tailored to your taste without relying solely on Deezer's algorithm.

  2. Use Deezer's "Flow" Feature: Deezer has a feature called "Flow," which is a personalized playlist based on your listening history. By using this feature regularly, you may get better music recommendations aligned with your preferences.

  3. Like and Dislike Tracks: Whenever you listen to music on Deezer, use the "Like" and "Dislike" buttons to signal your preferences. This will help Deezer's algorithm learn your taste and adjust future suggestions accordingly.

  4. Explore User-Curated Playlists: Browse through playlists created by other users who share similar music tastes. You can often find great music recommendations this way.

  5. Contact Deezer Support: Reach out to Deezer's customer support and explain the issue you are facing with the music suggestions. They might be able to offer some solutions or insights.

  6. Check for Proximity Settings: Sometimes, music services may use your device's GPS or IP address to determine your location. Make sure your device's location settings are accurate and not conflicting with your desired location.

  7. Consider Creating a New Account: If the issue is indeed tied to your credit card's billing address, you might consider creating a new Deezer account with a different payment method that aligns with your preferred location.

  8. Try Deezer Premium: Deezer Premium offers enhanced features, including the ability to skip tracks, listen offline, and have better control over your listening experience. Upgrading to a premium account might offer you more personalized options.

Remember that music preferences are subjective, and while music services like Deezer strive to provide personalized recommendations, they may not always be perfect. Exploring multiple platforms and services might be necessary to find the one that suits your preferences best.

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Hello Team,

Did you heared russian music? This is real trash can! Whole my life I listening only UK and USA music and some electronic bands from Europe but never russian artists. Yes I’m from Russia.

I need to change region for USA or UK and listen only this music but I don’t want to change my payment method to another country.

What can i do for this? How can i do this?
I am super annoyed with Deezer's feature of using IP/location as a way to determine the kind music your user would prefer.

First of all, people use VPN a lot.
Second of all, they travel. Some of us travel a lot.

Why do we have to wait for a month after i just paid to get rid of music suggestions that I was never interested in?

I suggest to add an option to customize menu on the Home Page.
So people could choose what to see on their homepage grid first.

P.S.: People have pattern-based preferences in everything, and music is the first one to be barely related to the location. Because there's Internet, TV, Radio.

Honestly, I didn't care for the first 3 months, but I keep seeing suggestions from countries I've visited like 3 months ago and I didn't listen to ANY of those songs ONCE.

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you can change your country in account settings. This will change your “music” page . you need to close and reopen the app/website to see the effect

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Hi @charlimmelman, Deezer will always suggest playlists with music popular in your country. But our Flow and also the recommended playlists in your notifications should show playlists based on your listening habits 🙂
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Hi there 🙂 You can't disable it, but there's a workaround. First of all, the recommendations and the Flow are based on your favourites, favourite artists etc. If you still see country charts in your recommendations, I assume you don't have enough tracks, artists for Deezer to pick from and recommend the right music 🙂 So if you add more tracks and artists and also dislike tracks that don't suit your tast, Deezer will learn fast :)

If you like charts from other countries, I suggest you check our out "country Charts" channel 🙂
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Hi Anja, thanks for replying.
I have thousands of tracks, artists and albums flagged as favorites in a very specific style so I don't think my account lacks this information. Maybe it’s a bug or a momentary problem, Anyway, it's quite annoying when it happens. I keep clicking the "x" when I dislike something that is playing but sometimes a group of
5 or 6 songs keeps playing in a loop no matter how many times I click on the "x" for those songs.
Hope this can be fixed...
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@GuilhermeO hmmm this observation might be linked to this. Check the discussion out, it might already answer some of your questions 🙂

Sad to see that nothing has changed 2 years later after the OP remark regarding playlist suggestions based on your geolocalisation…

Why is it so hard for Deezer to let us choose playlist suggestions for whatever kind of music style based on the country that we want instead of the one where we live?

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Hello Anja.
Really sad to now about the mobile app. The way people rely more and more on mobile devices every day it's odd thinking the app is a reduced version of the web player and will continue this way.

Will post on the music forum when I find awkward music combinations.


Hi thee, we've already passed the feedback about the missing hear this on the app on to the team. As of now, it's intended to not have in the app, but maybe this will change in the future :)

Regarding two artists with the same name, this is something that happens sometimes and we really appreciate this feedback from users. If you can think of a profile, would you mind letting us know in the music forum? We will let our music team straight away and they can fix this easily :)
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@Benjaminc I moved your question to this topic as it was already discussed here 🙂
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@Benjaminc I moved your question to this topic as it was already discussed here :)
My English isn't my main language. Can you give me tl;dr so i won't need to read all the discussion? Pretty please 😅

Sure, so basically you can't change the country recommendations in your profile. But you can check the channel "Charts" and then chose a country chart playlist of your choice. Also I'd suggest you dislike all of the tracks from you country when they appear in your Flow. That way Deezer and especially Flow will learn quick and notice that you don't like certain genres or country specific music 🙂
Okay, since there's no way of making "Inspired by" stop giving me bad local songs in the middle of an otherwise great playlist, I resorted to reporting local songs as "undesirable content", which is technically true...maybe that helps since there's literally nothing else I can do (except constantly having to skip on my playlists).
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Ok, here is an idea for all of you that gets mad like me with the awful / ridiculous / bad taste suggestions Deezer gives on the front page on the "Deezer Recomends", "Playlist ´picks", "Popular", "Charts" etc... It´s only cosmetic but at least save us from having to see the faces of filthy “artists” that doesn’t have a clue of what actual music is. Use an ad blocker on your browser and block those sections of the front page. Most of them allows us to “point and block” so that annoying section will not show again. It´s only cosmetic, it doesn’t change a thing on how Deezer works or suggest the next song, but it’s a starting point… Unfortunately there is no similar solution for mobile app.
Good luck!
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It would be such a fantastic feature if Deezer could work as a mix of what it is right now and Pandora. Pandora doesn't take into account the band/artist name, but the actual music, how it's it structure, kind of lyrics, male/female singer, rock/pop/jazz/classical/major/minor etc so if you pick some songs it will always suggest something related with that style and not based on the artist name/country or associations. The downside, you can´t listen to an album like Deezer, only music suggested by Pandora based on the style/artists you used as "seed".
Mixing this two algorithms would certainly bring Deezer to the number one on the list of streaming services. And of course stop suggesting crappy music / "artist" as a starter would also help a lot.
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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply.

The songs you can play are always related to the country where you activate your subscription. We are happy to forward this although it is unlikely to be implemented as we have different rights in different countries and would be difficult for legal reasons.
I live in Dubai but i don't listen to Arabic music. All the recommendations on the home page are Arabic and particularly Gulf Arabic music, which I never searched for or listened to. I get the copyright issues, but that should have nothing to do with the recommendations you provide users with. Honestly, Spotify do a much better job at that, you guys should seriously consider tweaking your AI and promoting tracks and artists the users care about. Not where they live!
As far as I see, all the suggested playlists depend on the geolocation, therefore most of all I see russian artists as I'm based in Russia.
Is it possible to add an option to chose the country with it's favourite/suggested playlists?