Breaking News: Global Deezer Outage

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The service is up again and can be used but we are monitoring the situation.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if your should encounter recurring issues. 

Thank you for your patience

We're experiencing a global server issue at the moment. You may not be able to log in or access all your music content.
We are working hard to resolve our server issue which is impacting our app, please bare with us while we try to restore usage.

For the latest updates on the problem please visit:

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Contínuo sem conseguir acesso de login do meu número de celular 

Basically my account is deezer premium by TIM and when I try to access it through my mobile number I can't, it says that the server is not picking up, or try later or even not nothing happens

My account is Deezer Premium by TIM, but I cannot login to the application. A message appears stating Server Error.

The service is not working in Colorado. I can not log in still. It seems as if it was A stretch to say the service is up and running if it's not up and running for everyone. Not cool

I'm to the same problem.

Não tô conseguindo logar 

Hello I've been trying to log in the app with the phone number but the app doesn't seem to load it. Stays on input phone number and doesn't send the code. Its linked to an email but seems i cant log in with it.

Não consigo acessar minha conta pelo número de celular 

Não consigo acessar minha conta pelo número do celular.

Não consigo acessar minha conta pelo número de celular. 

I can't access my account by mobile number.

Всё ещё не работает, ввожу номер телефона, нажимаю вход и ничего не происходит итак уже 9 часов, вижу что сообщили о проблеме и сообщили что уже исправили но у меня ничего не поменялось, надеюсь утром исправите окончательно 🤞

I have been unable to log in with a phone number on my phone in Bulgaria in the past 18 hours. I have no problems using the desktop version. 

Não consigo acessar, fala que o formato do número é inválido

Não consigo ligar no app. 

Ele pede o número do celular pra acesso, mas nada acontece... Sempre na barra continuar

Por cuánto tiempo más estaremos sin Deezer? Sigo sin poder iniciar sesión en mi celular, he intentado de todas las maneras posibles y nada. Harán ajuste a la factura por esto? Que de por si ya está bien costoso el servicio con uds, en últimas será cambiar a Spotify 

Hey @Eduardo Romaguera @EljBell @Camila95 @JorgeFigueredo01 @Gisele Vilela @TimeVi @Joe_to @Thalita moraes @Marce Mayorga 

After the recent server issues, there are unfortunately problems with logins via mobile phone number. Please contact support:

I managed to log in a few hours ago, thanks. 


Cool. Thank you for your feedback. 😀 deezer account doesn't work. I have a deezer premium account know it says that it's a free account. Thats wrong I paid the monthly payment of R74.99 for the premium. Can you please help me. Thanks 

I'm still not able to log in using my phone number

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Hey @ElmienR @Venancio.M please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to help.
Apologies for any inconvenience