Deezer music expired error message

  • 7 September 2019
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I left Australia on a holiday to Canada, Alaska and USA.
I boarded a ship in Vancouver for a cruise to Alaska, while in the gymon board i used my fit bit and listened to Dreezer while i worked out.
When i arrived in Alaska, all of a sudden i get this message....Dreezer Music Expired. Refresh by conecting to saved wi fi network.
My saved wi fi network is in Australia.
I still have 5 weeks of holiday.
Can anyone advise of how i fix this problem.
Thank you..Ross

1 reply

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Hi there @parra329

Sorry that's happened. It could be a location restriction, so I'll double check that for you.
In the meantime, I've unlinked your device, refreshed your cache on our side and sent you a password reset email. Please change your password and login again to see if it helps. I recommend you to reinstall the app before logging in again as well.