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Amazon Alexa/Google Home support in Nordic countries

  • 10 June 2019
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Could Deezer please add more country support for Amazon Alexa and google assistant as the current amount isn't enough. Please get Deezer for google home and amazon alexa in countrys like Sweden. I really would like to get a google home and still be able to stick with my amazing subscription. Several others I have talked with really would like this feature. Currently you might as well switch to Spotify and get a smart assistant to control your music (for cheaper as well).

5 replies

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Hi there @Krister.Nackberg

Thanks for your input - we also want to make this happen. Just for the purposes of our forum, could you specify which country you wish to support? Sweden? Ideally we should have a separate topic for each country.
Yes country's that are already advancing ahead in wireless and electric technology, countries like Norway, Finland, Denmark. Considering that you already have google home assistant on Bang and Olufsen products (a danish audio and TV brand) who have supported Deezer and encourages buyers to subscribe to it it would make sense to help out Scandinavian customers by adding support to these smart assistant products. I would never have found Deezer if it weren't for my Bang and Olufsen dealer who recommended it.
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Great point @Krister.Nackberg I've passed your idea on and voted for it. Hopefully other Nordic friends join the support 😉
Any news on my post?
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It's too early to tell @Krister.Nackberg and other users have to vote for the idea so that it gets prioritised 🤓