Playing the "favorite tracks" playlist is in the reverse order?

  • 28 February 2024
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When I play my favourite tracks playlist, it always plays the same song.  The first song I added.  I have to start the playlist, then shuffle it, then go to the next track.  This is particularly annoying on Android Auto, as there isn’t a clear way to descend into the playlist itself, presort it, and then play it.  Not that doing that would be desirable, I’m busy piloting a four thousand pound land missile.


The issue exists on Chrome as well.  If I click into the playlist on Chrome, or even on Deezer mobile, the sort order is already set up to be by most recently added, as I would expect.  The problem only exists if I try to play the playlist from anywhere that isn’t the playlist itself, such as from the home screen.



For clarity, this play button on the home screen will always play the playlist in reverse order -- least recently added to most recently added:


But if I click this listen button from within the playlist itself, it will play in the correct order:




Here is the queue if I play the playlist from the home screen:


Which is at the bottom of my favorite tracks, sorted by “Added” descending:



But if I click the “listen” button within the playlist:


My queue looks like this:


6 replies

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Hi @squirrelchew !

I am trying to understand what the problem is and here is what I see on my PC Deezer .


I was start play first song on my fav tracks 


here is queue



Then I was change tracks ADDED  ,and now last added is on first place ,and first added tracks is on last place.


Now I start play last song on list ( which is first added )



and now queue is look different



Hi @Nina Nebo !


Close, but no.


Follow these steps:

  1. Open Deezer.
  2. Click Home, or otherwise make sure you are on the home page of Deezer.
  3. Start a Flow, or a playlist, or a discovery mix -- anything that is NOT your favorite tracks playlist.  It is critical that you have a new song queue playing.
  4. Open your favorite tracks playlist, so that you may view the songs within it.
  5. Sort the playlist by “ADDED” so the most recently added song is FIRST on the list.
  6. Go back to the home screen.
  7. Hover over your favorite tracks playlist icon so the triangular play button shows up.
  8. Click the play button on your favorite tracks tile from the home screen.
  9. Note the song it starts with.
  10. Open your favorite tracks playlist again, so that you may view the songs within it.
  11. Make sure it’s still sorted by “ADDED” with the most recently added song being FIRST.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of your playlist, so you can see the oldest song in it.
  13. Note that this song is the song that is currently playing.
  14. You are now experiencing the problem described in this thread.

Or if gherkin is easier, here’s your failing test case:


Given I have no active queue and my Favorite Tracks is sorted by ADDED, descending/latest first

When I click the play button on the playlist tile from the Deezer home page

Then playlist is played in order of ADDED, descending/latest first

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If you want play songs which are recently added then you can
put  that song on first place on your favorites or playlist .
First you need put ADDED on basic track order ( two arrows) so you can  move songs up and down on place you want the most .
 Just put mouse cursor on name of the song and drag up or down .
Every time you add new song to your playlist or fav ,you can also move them from last place to first .
In that case you don't need change arrows in ADDED (fist added - last added ) because is in basics arranged as you wish .


Okay I think I see what’s happening then.


The display order, the one that appears to be physically saved to the playlist, is purely for display.  Once I remove any sort of sorting (by clicking until the two arrows show up), I am shown the “real” playlist order. 

You’re suggesting that I manually reverse the order of, currently, one hundred and sixteen tracks.

You’re further suggesting that when I thumb-up a song, which I do using the google assistant from the shower, from under a car I’m working on, or while I’m driving, that I should additionally go into the playlist and manually re-order it so that the playlist represents my desired order.


Did I get that right?


I assume you don’t actually represent Deezer, and are a community member trying to offer a solution within Deezer’s limitations.

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 I'm just Deezer community member .
This is an open Deezer community and every user can comment, suggest ,offer solution ...

I was suggested the possibility of moving the songs to the place you want. Unfortunately , only way I know is manually order and you need some effort for that.

No one can know better than me where I want to put a song . 
I do that all the time mostly on PC because is easier and then order of tracks on PC and my android is the same .

In this case, if the songs are arranged as YOU want in the favorites or playlists, then on the HOME page when you want to listen to those songs, they will be played in the default order (basic) . 

I was tell my experience and how I do that and what is possibilities .

Maybe you don't like it ,so for me this topic is closed .