Deezer adds tracks to my Favorites

On my iphone 11, when I play Favorites with the download button on, about a quarter to a third of the tracks played are not in my Favorites and Deezer is trying to download songs.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks


Best answer by GropplerZorn 27 July 2022, 18:22

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Groppler, thank you for your post.  I haven’t tried that but I will do so.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I click the red play button.  I’m not aware of any other way to play unless I want one track to play on repeat.  Maybe I’m missing something.

Here’s an example of a non favorite (by an artist I’ve never heard of), playing on my favorites (see non filled heart).


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@EverRed have you tried toggling the download button off?

just downloading every so often to keep your playlist synced and current, but not leaving it on all the time?

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Further to this, I am hearing tracks in my “Favourites” that I have not favourited. As well I am hearing tracks in my other playlists that I have not added to those playlists….not all are favourited. Cleared my cache. Seems to becoming more prevalent. I do not want to check “do not recommend” as sometimes these are songs I might like later in Flow. Anyone else noticing this?


I should have included the following in my original post:  I have tried the following suggestions from support without success:

➡ Storage & Cache ➡ Clear All

Smart Cache, slide the button towards the middle of the line.

  • Delete the Deezer app
  • Restart your iOS device
  • Download and install the Deezer app from

 increase the cache on the Deezer app to the max 

It has also been suggested that I replace the SD card but iPhone 11 does not have an SD card


Thanks again

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Hey @EverRed

Do you click on the “play” button as shown below? 



I have tried Groppler’s suggestion of toggling the download button but it made no difference.  Deezer support have asked me to delete and re-load the app but that didn’t help.  They also asked me to re-set my password but that was no help either.


I have been trying to resolve an issue with deezer support for several weeks without success.  I have asked the person I’m dealing with if my issue can be escalated but he never answers that question.  I would prefer not to switch to another service but I will have to if my problem is not resolved soon.  Is there anything I can do to get connected to someone with sufficient knowledge to help?


(The problem I am experiencing is that when I play Favorites, random non favorite tracks get inserted.  The only suggested solutions so far have been to delete and re-load the app, and to reset my password - neither approach was successful.)