Can't play downloaded music when offline

  • 16 March 2024
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Hi all,


After several years of using Deezer, I am about to give it up and move to another platform.  The issue with downloaded music has been going on for years, and recently on a long flight I reached breaking point.


I have over 1600 tracks (saved as favourites) downloaded on my iPhone in high quality audio.  I would have hoped that I could listen to these DOWNLOADED tracks whenever I want.  This it the whole point of downloading them.

But say you are on a plane, with no internet signal, you open Deezer, and the downloaded music has all disappeared, and magically reappears as soon as you land and once more have a signal.

I think I’ve had enough.

My daughter has the same problem, she only has limited data on her contract.  She had a long road trip and decided to download lots of songs to her phone, only to find that unless she was connected to the internet (hard in the Scottish Highlands) she couldn’t listen to them.


Is this issue every going to be resolved, or should I just give up and move to Spotify?

4 replies

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that.
I am aware that some users have experienced this problem, but personally I am always able to listen my downloaded music while offline.
Are you able to see your downloaded music if you activate offline mode on settings?
Could you also check activating airplane mode?
Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience

I had the same issue last week on my flight back. I could not open the app after the airplane took off, and to my surprise, the music on Favourite Tracks was not available. However, I had the option to SHUFFLE DOWNLOADS and the albums were available.

Here is an screenshot I just took which airplane mode activated:


On the previous flight I had no issues because I was listening music from before entering the plane. So I guess that if one has the app previously open it does the trick. But honestly, this should not happen ever or otherwise is pointless to pay for a subscription.





Exactly this. It seems that the app needs to connect to the web on opening to check something before the downloaded music is available. 

the whole point of  listening to music offline (downloading tracks) should be that you can still access your downloaded tracks without a connection. 

It seem that Deezer is not going to do anything about it.