"Your payment card is about to expire' Pop-Up won't leave!

  • 13 April 2023
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At the beginning of March, the 'Your payment card is about to expire' pop-up started coming up because evidently, the card used to fund the subscription of my account expired at the end of the month. The card automatically jumped to another and all payments were payed but almost halfway into the next month, although the card has expired and been replaced along with all payments made, the pop-up continues to come up every time the app is restarted. It was a helpful reminder about a month ago but now it's just a nuisance.



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7 replies

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Hello all, please double check that you payment method is updated from the website, not the mobile app! 

Here is more info on how to do it:

Hi @adaetatem - I’m getting this pop up. Just to double check, did you not have to update your card details? Did it automatically switch over to the new card? I can’t even find on the app where to change the details anyway, even if I wanted to 🤣 thanks for your time. 

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Hey there @adaetatem I would say please contact costumer care via webchat cause they can look into your account and payment method linked to it better!

@DrEvil here's some info


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@adaetatem what version of android are you running?  It could be Play Store may need to be updated, or the OS is no longer compatible.

Hi @Yula,

I'm having the issue on my Pixel 4 which runs an android system!

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Hey there @adaetatem

on which device are you having this issue? Can you reinstall the app?

Are you sure you are connected to the account where the payment was updated? 

I think the fastest way to find a solution for you would be join our webchat here: