How does this even work?

  • 14 April 2022
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I really dont understand the queing system,


I search for an arist I play the first track then I want to queue the a few other songs from them but I dont get the option? I dont get play next or add to queue.  I am not using flow or any of those auto features, and this is on Windows.


I dont understand why its so complicated. I think id rather have joe rogan get rich than have to deal with this shit, I never ever went to spotify forum it just works intuitively.





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5 replies

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For me it looks this way in the desktop app version 5.30.200 when I click on the 3-dot dropdown menu and choose “Danach hören” which means to listen next to them which will copy all highlighted tracks from the search results to the play queue.

Maybe this only works if there is already something in the play queue, it might not work with an empty play queue, not sure.





I tried to the check box thing but I got no options. I only use pc and android so didnt experience this before.

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This new feature was available in the iOS app for a longer time already, I think.

Currently I am testing if sorting the search results e.g. by duration, then highlighting them with the checkbox on the top right and sending all of them to the play queue in that order will work in the desktop app. For now it looks good, and I can remove unwanted tracks from the queue then as well. But I am not sure if this would always work, e.g. if that option to play them next is always available.


Yes thank you, I didnt know that it was a new thing I guess that makes sense because I feel like I was able to do this before. 

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I think you mean the new “feature” of search results playing automatic mixes for each found track now instead of the shown tracks. You can vote here to make that an option: