Wrong artist name ("Gabro & Libre")


There is a wrong artist name:

Incorrect: Gabro & Libre

Correct: Gabro & Libe



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You can use the link below to report on this:

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Hello, I tried starting my own thread but it doesn’t appear. The following artist (me) is wrong too:


Should be Cale, i.e. no accent on the e! The reporting link above doesn’t work. 

Check my other streaming platforms, they’ve got it right, so it’s not my distributor’s fault either (Ditto Music). Please correct this because I want to promote my music on Deezer, but I don’t want to be confused with the wrong artist! (see here)

The following songs of mine are wrong too:

Song 1

Song 2

Hope the mods can take a look. Thanks xx

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Hey @Andy_Beck_Cale 

No problem, we can certainly sort that out for you!

I've passed the details on. Hang in there a few days :v_tone2:

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Thanks Rudi! Keep me updated :)

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Hey Rudi - do you have an update for me here? The error’s still the same. Don’t want to sound negative, but I just can’t believe Deezer is taking this long to fix this. Any help you can provide would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You're right! @Andy_Beck_Cale it's taking a while, I've asked for an update on my request. Just so you know, it goes on a list of fixes, then the teams go through that list every day. So it should be done very very soon!

Thank you for your patience :relaxed:

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Alright, that’s cool. I’ll keep an eye out for any changes!

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Hey @Rudi - the name is correct now! Thanks for passing this on.

The only problem now is this: on my profile (see here), there’s the song “Caged in Memories”. This was recorded by a different artist using the name Cale. I had the same issue on Spotify a few weeks back.

Can you pass this on too? Or how should I report it?


P.S. perhaps I should have chosen a longer artist name at the outset, like “Cale and the Fantastic Mountain Grinders”. I doubt anyone else anywhere is using that name. Must think these things through more… ;)

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Hahahah no problem, and your name is fine! We're the ones who need to get better at this @Andy_Beck_Cale :wink:

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Hehe :sunglasses: Did you pass the “Caged in Memories” issue on @Rudi? Or how should I report it?


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Yes, it was moved @Andy_Beck_Cale :relaxed:


@Rudi Hey Rudi, Andy from Cale here again, I’m afraid I need your help again :wink:  On my artist page, there’s a song “Leave A Light On” that I definitely didn’t record:

The cover art also became my profile pic, which I had to change. Please can you have the song removed and assigned to the correct artist? All other songs on the profile are correct, as far as I can see. They probably need to send the correct Deezer ID (URI) to their distributor.

Which brings me to my other question - can you tell me what my URI is? I think I know it, but I might be wrong.




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Leave it with me, Andy @evan_91 

It seems that your distributor is providing inaccurate info on the releases, marking them as independent - hence mixing artists.

We're doing a cleanup at the moment, and you should contact your distributor about the ID you mentioned.

Artist page, just to confirm,