offered 50% off for Deezer premium

  • 24 November 2022
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offered 50% off per month for a year in an email sent to me by Deezer when I try to take up the offer it will not take the payment as it says I already have had an offer. If this is the case why do you send me the offer in the first place, do you not check before you send the offer out. This is incompetence


Best answer by brian sutherland 25 November 2022, 19:25

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7 replies

managed to get the offer just now using my original email address and method of payment using the link in the email so I don't think the email is fake

Thank you Brian! 👍🏻

Me too…

are we sure it is legit?

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Hey @Daniel Nenn @brian sutherland please contact our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will look into it and help with your request.
Thanks :)


Told to login with another account which is nonsense as it will not take my payment from PayPal or visa card it says they have been used with an offer. More total nonsense, why send me a half price offer in the first place then ask me to sign in with a different account knowing that it will not accept the same methods of payment that were used with the original email account.


So, it is fake, but I don’t get your response “deezer”.

Why should we contact your team? You could just have told us here that this offer is not from you and that would have finished the discussion!? 🤷‍♂️