Super Bowl LVII 2023: What surprises does Rihanna prepare for us?

  • 9 February 2023
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Super Bowl LVII 2023: What surprises does Rihanna prepare for us?
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Rihanna returns to the stage at the Super Bowl 👸🏽


This Sunday, 12th February, Rihanna will perform on stage after 6 years of absence during the famous Super Bowl halftime show!

It is surely the most famous halftime in the (sports) world, with nearly 200 million viewers tuning in to see epic artists performances like those of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, J-Lo and Beyoncé.


For the occasion, we offer you an entertaining Super Bowl Bingo, and It's up to you to play and win:
What are your predictions for the Queen RiRi halftime show?


The rules are simple:

  • Download our Bingo or take a screenshot
  • Post a comment with your predictions putting crosses in bingo
  • +1 point per correct box marked
  • -1 point for each wrong box marked

The person with the most points will win our Super Bowl 2023 badge:


6 replies

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alright, I’m going to play this a little conservatively

behold the winning bingo card


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Let’s try to guess… Hahaha


I have no idea what Rihanna has done with whom. My crosses are absolutely random:


@Johnathan Finotti 

LOL, we are so bad… But of course -4 is really really bad…. 😆

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Perfect guys! The score in the end it was quite bad actually, we are not good on Bingo games as you can see our score… Hahah😅

@GropplerZorn -1🥇
@dee_dirk  -2 🥈
@Johnathan Finotti -4 🤡

Looking on that we decided to give the badge to all we three. 👏

Let’s see our next game in the Community! We can do better next time for sure! heheh 😁

Thank you for participating on it! Much appreciate it.🤗

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@dee_dirk yeah… Hahahhah