Deezer Rooftop Sessions: Fatboy Slim's Epic Centre Pompidou Gig!

  • 3 July 2024
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Deezer Rooftop Sessions: Fatboy Slim's Epic Centre Pompidou Gig!
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Ever wish you could catch a legend like Fatboy Slim in a totally unique spot? Deezer made that dream a reality! 


The one and only Fatboy Slim, one of the worlds most loved DJ’s, rocked an exclusive Deezer Rooftop at the legendary Centre Pompidou in Paris with 150 lucky fans and guests. Imagine those beats dropping against one of the world’s coolest modern art museums!
For this session Fatboy Slim made everyone dance with a DJ set packed with his dancefloor hits like "Role Model" and "The Rockafeller Skank”.

Fatboy Slim himself said it best: “What a beautiful and joyous night on the Centre Pompidou rooftop! So lucky that we happened to have a film crew so everybody will be able to share the moment. Because that is what it was, a definite moment, one night in Paris…”
The entire set was recorded live and is dropping exclusively on Deezer’s Global YouTube channel today.

For over two decades, Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim has been a pioneering force in the big beat and electronic dance music scene. When he goes on stage he is no longer Norman Cook, he is Fatboy Slim with the Hawaiian Shirt and the bare feet where he gives it his all as a performer and a showman .
His 1998 album ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’ brought us mega-hits like ‘The Rockafeller Skank’ and ‘Praise You,’ forever changing the music landscape.

Deezer Rooftop Sessions
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Who would you like to see live in a Deezer Rooftop Session?

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I would you like to see

Purple Disco Machine


live in a Deezer Rooftop Session !



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He played last year in Paris in our HQ rooftop @Nina Nebo 


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He played last year in Paris in our HQ rooftop @Nina Nebo 


OMG ! 

I didn't see that 😊

Thx for notice @Jaime.Deezer 

Now who would I like to see live in a Deezer Rooftop Session next 🤔 ?