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Hifi compatibility on all devices.

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Has Deezer made any progress on releasing API for use by Logitech team, Audiravana, Aurender, Lumin, or any of the other streaming devices?

API's release does not support Hi-Fi.
Question: when they released the HiFi version for Android and IOS devices ?, Tidal launched their application for HiFi mobile devices 3 years ago ... I hired the service to replace it, but they still do not have the service for mobile devices.

any date suggest?!

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This is the only trigger to make me swtich back and forth between Deezer and Tidal. If you make it, you nailed it. At least for me. Tidal playlist just not really suit my style but got hifi from mobile device. Deezer got flow and much broad mixes of list but only 320kbps on mobile device. I wish i couldnt the difference but we do. Or maybe it just feeling of highest quality possible for what you paid for.
I won't renew my Hi-Fi subscription as well. Sorry Deezer...The lossless quality should've been provided a long time ago on the mobile devices

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Add hifi and mqa or I'm moving to tidal. We pay for Hifi we want Hifi and now it's possible with many android phones.