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Download music to your Apple Watch Deezer app

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I need to have music downloadable to my Apple Watch, similar to Apple Music or the Deezer iPhone App.

Streaming is not good enough. When I am running for example, I do not take my iPhone with me.

You could ask us to sync the Apple Watch with the iPhone to check subscription to ensure it hasn’t lapsed/not been paid for the upcoming month.
You can also set a 30 day download subscription after each sync (or the renewal date that matches payment subscription).
Even if it’s playlist sync only that’s fine. I would’nt expect to search through Deezer’s library on the Apple Watch as this would be laborious.

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+1 for this suggestion!
I would also appreciate this feature, because as it stands I would have to cancel my subscription and move to Apple Music, which I ideally would not like to do. I quite like Deezer.
Agreed. Might have to switch to Apple Music so I can wear just my watch to the gym with some downloaded music from deezer. You can do it with Spotify and Apple Music, but not deezer. Please don’t make me switch , Apple has enough of my money !
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Hi there, we have already passed this suggestion on to the right team! Hopefully they will be able to implement this soon!