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Allow Google Maps to use Deezer in navigation mode

  • 7 October 2018
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Spotify can do it: Like this

This would be super awesome!

8 replies

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Jó ötlet!
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Thanks for the feedback, I passed it on to the right team 😉
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Awesome, thank you! 🍻
Yes that would be great and convenient
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Google+ will be closed, so here is a link to an article how this function looks: https://www.maketecheasier.com/change-music-google-maps-waze/
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google maps for iOS provides on screen controls of music players for Spotify and Apple. As shown in this screenshot Here. This integration is the sole reason why I maintain as an Apple Music subscriber, I really hope that this can be added on for deezer,
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Like this Example
I'd like this integration as well!