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  • 1 November 2017
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Currently thera are some songs that are not yet in Deezer's platform. It will be great if ther was an option where users could request for those songs that they want to be added to Deezer, so in that way most voted request could be establisshed as priority in order to be added quickly to the platform.

4 replies

That would be Great, Yeah!
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@jmrodriguez5 That's a great idea! We're not aware of any concrete plans regarding this for the Deezer app itself.
But as for now that's one reason we built the community 😉 We want every user to get the chance of telling us and other users what they would love to be changed. We've already created a topic for music requests/wishes.

The music I want isn’t on Deezer. Why?

We're still in the beginning of creating the best possible process to collect and pass these requests on to the music team and we hope this is a good start 😉

We'll keep you posted about any changes in the process!
Thanks again for your great idea!
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Late update but here's the online form to request music 😉 This is not a public vote on the community but we don't want to promise the availability of content because of many likes if we can't keep it. But our
music team is regularly checking the requests and do whatever they can to get the tracks/albums :)
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It is good that you have the request form, but it seems to be something of a black hole. My experience is: you submit the request, then don't receive any updates, and the music remains unavailable. Probably this is for good reason, but it would be good to know why.

I suggest to make available to us a list of all requested music, and availablity status. Then we can see other requests as well as our own, and see if the catalog is improving.