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Order albums by Genres

  • 10 March 2019
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Shouldn't it be more practical to classify the existing map 'Albums' into other maps like for example:
techno, ambient, recent albums, soundtracks, world music, jazz,...
I would like it a lot. Because it easier to find your mood of the day...
Many greetings,

3 replies

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This has been discussed earlier in terms of creating a folder structure or being able to tag albums but this suggestion from Kibboets should be really straightforward to implement and would be a great first step to much better control of our personal collections.
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Hi there @kibboets

Good suggestion - I've changed the status of it.
tdimdad is right, but your comment is a bit more specific, so it's nice to have its own home. Now other users should vote for it!
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Thanks, Rudi and tdimdad,

Hopefully other users will find it also a good suggestion...

It is what tdimdad says: we can make our collections more personal and give the map 'Albums' our own accents! So we can make it ourselves easier to find all our music back then it is the case now.