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Hide or skip songs from an album or artist

  • 15 August 2019
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Sometimes, you just want to listen to a specific album or artist, but not specific songs on that album or by that artist. For me, this happens a lot with deluxe albums; I usually just want to listen to the studio tracks, but not the demos, live tracks, and alternate cuts that could take up even more runtime than the actual main tracks.

So, I'd like the ability to hide certain tracks, or maybe toggle them to "skip." That way, I can just open Deezer, go to that album or artist, and hit play. (A feature I very much miss from Spotify, which brought me to Deezer in the first place. :p)

Also, I know that the solution right now is to just create a playlist, but to do that for so many specific cases is a hassle.

3 replies

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Hi there @Grawlix

This is a cool idea! I agree that creating playlists all the time can be a bit inconvenient. I've voted for it and passed it to the relevant team here 😉
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Thanks for the reply! As a disgruntled Spotify user, it's weird seeing a community manager actually managing the community, and getting a response that clearly indicates my comment was read and replied to beyond cut & paste responses. ;)

I'm currently using the rest of the time on my subscription with Spotify, and if Deezer can let me listen to my music with fewer steps, it's a major contender for being the replacement.
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Thanks for your honest feedback @Rudi. I hope that we continue improving to live up to your expectations 👍🏼
At the moment, for example, our devs are working on making the 'block artist' feature a bit better. Stay tuned.