Shows tab: a new podcast experience

  • 2 April 2020
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We know you love Deezer for your favourite tunes :notes::revolving_hearts:

But a lot of you are also podcast aficionados. You told us that, although Deezer has brilliant podcasts, the player doesn't offer the experience you expect. Well, we've listened to your thoughts and prayers (ultimately, your feedback :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ). The result: a much improved section, layout and options.

To be a bit more specific, here's what we focused on:

  • more space for podcasts & episodes description
  • easy-access download button for episodes
  • a progress bar to show where you're at
  • displaying fresh, new, unplayed content

You can also sort your podcasts by chronological order, duration or if played/not played :heart_eyes:

Our iOS users will also be able to manually mark/unmark episodes as played.

A 'before and after' demo:


We hope you enjoy these improvements and let us know which part is your favourite addition!

Our work won't stop here so we need you to carry on giving your precious feedback for a better Deezer :sunglasses:


*remember to have at least versions 8.9 for iOS 13 and 6.1.22 for Android, installed :package:

9 replies

So I have the beta app version and there is no podcasts whatsoever? I am in Australia is this why i have no access??

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Yas! bravo Deezer! please bring it to the italian market too! pleeease 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Oh hi @MarcoG grazie mille for your lovely words. Many of my friends are Italian and I am so proud of all of you guys for having stayed at home for such a long time already. I forwarded your wish to our Shows Tab Product Manager :wink: Stay well and healthy

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There’s no podcasts available in Belgium? I can’t find them though :sweat:

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Not at the moment @Martijn.Keymis - we're constantly working on expanding our Shows tab to more countries, but we have to prepare local content and negotiate rights, among other things. So it takes time :sweat:

Keep an eye on our support page topic here for further updates!

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Link and support page have been updated recently:



I really enjoy the podcasts feature, but I was wondering if the functionality might be improved by allowing manual marking of episodes played/unplayed?



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Interesting feedback @Lukianos thanks for your support, I'll let the teams know!

There are certainly improvements being worked on, for sure :relaxed:

Merci mille fois, I finally have it here in the Philippines!