Never miss a new release again!

  • 11 May 2021
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Never miss a new release again!
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Another popular community request has landed: our brand new Notification Center!

You'll now receive as many notifications as there are new releases on a daily basis. You can retrieve these in the Deezer Notification Center (iOS, Android, web & desktop app) :pushpin:

On top of that, a push notification reminder will be sent on your phone, alerting you about all the new releases to check out (as long as you have push notifications enabled on your phone and opted in to "Artist I like" on Deezer notification preferences) :calling:

From now on, all new releases will be based on favorite artists - only to make sure you receive 200% personalized notifications :grinning:

So, what are you waiting for? Check your favorite artists to make sure you've got all the loved ones in your library and keep an eye on the little bell :bell:


Share one of your new releases with us here ​​​​​​:musical_note: 



5 replies

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I like this feature.

It sends me new T T T Techno, Every Single Day!

  1. Wish it updated time all the time, now it can say 1 hour ago, when in real few ago.
  2. New album should be New release as nothing is albums 100% here.
  3. It could be with option to dismiss, especially when on some pages duplicate artists. I had a workaround for that sending your content team wishes to transfer these over another page. So far it worked and I no more get weird suggestions, thanks for your team!

It helps to update my New Hard Dance playlist 1000 times.

My feet is almost broken of dancing, thank you!

...and there is another notification, how I get over that?


I have payed for my music but it stoped playing can please help me I

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Sorry to hear that.

Visit their 

  • Help center and their agent will help. Send a Request on top of page.

You can get your Deezer up an run in no time!

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Does anyone else has this issue.

It gets notified about same releases in a time manner. Yesterday it was all new again.

1 day ago, in reality these releases were new 1 week ago, and I processed them.

It seems like some kind of a bug.

Another bug.

The Web App does not have anything at bell new until you refresh the page.

Now todays released RAVE NOW track appeared as notification.

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Could be a cache issue @hpguru thanks for letting us know, I'll forward this to our web devs!