Please re-add the EQ option in Audio Settings tab!

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This is the 2nd Idea I've posted about this issue. I had a great experience with my Pixel 6 Pro and Deezer Premium subscription because I was able to implement the device EQ through the Audio settings section in the Deezer Android app. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??? After an update almost 2 weeks ago it was gone... Just like that. The bottom part of the Audio settings page is blank. It was a great feature that I used every day. I'm not an audiophile but I love my music to sound great. Especially when I'm paying for it. This EQ option was not available for all devices so there's probably a small number of Premium subscribers who know what I'm talking about. Deezer, please add this option back!!! 


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Hey there @Colin Salazar

I can still see the Equalizer option on my android device. 

Can you reinstall the app and then if the problem continues send us a screenshot of your settings? 

Thanks a lot 

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I was so excited and looking forward to tweaking my hi-fi music when I saw that Deezer had restored the EQ option in the settings menu under audio. Then to my disappointment the EQ on my Pixel 6 Pro when I turned it on, made not a lick of difference in the frequencies of the bands it uses. Did anyone else notice this? On any device? I usually stream via Bluetooth with my Sony WF1000xm4's using LDAC as it's the closest to a wired connection I can get right now. Other times I use my Fiio Btr5 2021 usually plugged into my phone which sounds fantastic but I only have an EQ on the Fiio if I'm streaming Bluetooth. Any words of wisdom would be great. 

Hi. I’ve got the Deezer hi-fi family plan. As far as I can tell, it’s the best package Deezer offers.

Except I’ve just got a new set of speakers, so I need to change my EQ. It’s gone. I’m using the web player because there is no native linux app. Where’s my EQ? I’m paying to stream in lossless.

This is no good. Bump

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I just checked my ancient Sony Xperia, it still has the usual option in the audio settings via the speaker symbol with a 5-band EQ which also works as expected. But I think @Colin Salazar refers to the EQ built into his Pixel device which cannot be activated anymore.

@Catnapster I think the web player in a browser does not have an EQ, same as the desktop app. Only the mobile apps offer this feature.

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Hey Hey all! 

Sorry for the late reply. 

So, the EQ can only be activated on an Android device if it has a built in Equalizer (system or third party).

@Colin Salazar, regarding your issue, there is a bug that our developpers are investigating, I have passed on the details of your device as it seems to be linked only to certain devices! 


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That's awesome! I greatly appreciate it! It's good to know that there's actually staff at Deezer who monitor these message boards and take customer concerns seriously and investigate legitimate claims and issues. Thanks for your time!


Colin Salazar 

I have the Deezer Windows app and am pretty sure that the EQ setting is not flat. I must have set it in an earlier version, but now I can't change it anymore. I don't have any other EQ settings in Windows or audio drivers.