will the tv apps ever be updated?

  • 17 March 2023
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The android tv app hasn't been update since 2019 and the Samsung TV app hasn't be updated since 2021 to fix any of the various bugs it has. 

This is a huge deal breaker for me honestly and it tempts me to leave Deezer sometimes.

Does anyone have any info on if the tv apps will ever be prioritized or Deezer is just going to kill them off like everything else?


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4 replies

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Hi @Scxtt

Also, it’s no plans to kill the app from the TVs, no worries.🙂

I not only hope this is true, but also hope that Deezer actually puts some effort into updating these apps, either directly or by working with the OS developers to do so, especially to include the HiFi service that Deezer promotes. There were no plans to kill off the Roku (3rd or 4th largest TV streaming platform globally) app either, until there were ...

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Hi @Scxtt

Sorry about that. For now we don’t have any date to update the app on the TVs, but our developers are trying to work with the TV companies to improve the app with them too. 🙇🏽

Also, it’s no plans to kill the app from the TVs, no worries.🙂

Any updates I let you know here.😉


It's Deezer!!, obviously they won't

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Take a look on this conversation, so don’t expect anything.