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  • 5 August 2022
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Hi Deezer,


 I can no longer find the new releases. Has it been removed? I really miss it !!!



Pia Christensen



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8 replies

Thanks for reply :)


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@Pia Bjerregaard Christensen 

There is no timeline for fixing or introducing features, but i am sure the teammis aware of the situation.

Imho the usability of choosing curated content always will be the best within the Deezer app. Presenting the content on Sonos and other systems is doubled work for Deezer, so there it will be available a little bit reduced.

But i can imagine within a month or two the content on Sonos will increase to the level as before. I‘m going to remember the team constantly. You can support this by sending a request to the support team.

Thank you Superschlumpf … I'm really looking forward to that as it ´s a big loss. When do you expect this to happen? 

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Thanks for involving… 😙

@Pia Bjerregaard Christensen 

At the moment the „new releases“ category is not visible on Sonos since Deezer lately changed to the new Sonos user interface. Now there are some improvements like Flow Moods on Sonos, but there definitely are some content categories that have to be added. Imho the team will extend this step by step because they have to reorganize the content for the new UI. 

@Pia Bjerregaard Christensen 

So far, Sonos has not been mentioned here. 😐

Our Sonos god can certainly say something about that. @Superschlumpf?

Thanks for replies. But new releases don't show up when I go to  Deezer from Sonos. It used to and I want to listen to the music from my Sonos speaker.

Regards, Pia



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Should be in the same place as before . You can find new releases under the categories option and under “New releases for you”