Use a different formality depending of the age (or the preference) of the user

  • 23 November 2022
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I am a 39-year-old french man. I don’t like the Deezer website and app to use “tu” to address me, I would like it to use “vous”, because to me “tu” is used to address to kids and to very relatives, which I’m not with Deezer.


The formality concept, actually exists in most of the languages, and I think many non-kid, non-teenager users would prefer to be addressed in a more formal manner.


The choice of formality could be based on the birthdate of the user, which is set in the user settings, or - better and less discriminating - on a new parameter in these settings.

4 replies

Interesting idea.

Personally, I (44-year-old german man) don't care how I'm approached online by deezer or another streaming service, as long as I get my content without any problems.

Of course, I can live with it too 😉, and I'm happy too to get my content as I need it.

But I posted my request as an “improvement” requests, not about a technical error.

To me, the relationship we have with these apps/services we use all day long is not as neutral as it seems. It has an impact on the way we see ourselves.

Being treated as a child or as a falsely relative all day long by an organization is a little pain to me. I find it a little invasive and a little disrespectful. It's a very little thing, but when it's repeated 10 or 50 times a day, there could be some kind of cumulative effect. Partly because behind this little inconvenience, I can have doubts, asking myself about how this company sees me, if it's doing some soft manipulation, and further, if I want to get interactions with a company that doesn't respect me (even if the offense is very small here).


To get further in the reflection, isn't there something to think about the relation we have, as individuals, with big web companies and online services? Isn't it a social danger to let them disrespect us? And so shouldn't we be careful and concerned about it? Shouldn't we make them be careful about it, too ?


In the current case, indeed, nothing is severe, especially to me as a solid and strong forty-year-old accomplished man, (I am, I promise! I'm not a weak, fragile, oversensitive individual, as your answer could suggest 😛). But to me, it is a low signal. And I can't see in it as anything other than the starting of a wrong path for Deezer.


I will certainly not die because of it, but it could very surely lead me to eventually leave the service, because it makes my user experience unpleasant. Maybe it could be a matter of interest for the Deezer team 😉 ?


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Hey @Remi S.

Thank you for your comment, but it’s not a plan to change the tone of voice for now but we appreciate the feedback. 😊

Take care.

Si l'application pouvait cesser de me tutoyer  dans sa communication écrite, j'apprecierais. Nous ne sommes pas amis, juste client et fournisseur.