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I have a laptop running windows 10 I cant find the download button anywhere , can someone give me a step by step instructions on finding this feature?

P.S. phone support would be great.


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Thanks for the update.


Storage on external hard drives or USB sticks is unfortunately not possible for legal reasons. 😐

Thanks I'm worried about space on the c drive, it be great if you could save the tunes on a external drive.


You cannot use the downloads for any other purpose (outside the deezer app). So if that's what you might have in mind. 😉

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Hey @BK14Fox, downloads are stored in the cache memory of the app! 

Thanks my friend I figured it out, now I need to know were Deezer stores the downloades.

All the best


Hey @BK14Fox 

I marked it using an album as an example. You can also find the same icon within playlists.